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Current information to effects and supply chain due to the Ukraine War


At the current time, Novotechnik's ability to deliver is not directly affected…

Conductive Plastic Potentiometers Still on Track

Even as the demand for non-contacting processes in the field of linear and…

Durable Rotary Sensors in a Compact 36 mm Housing

Durable Rotary Sensors in a Compact 36 mm Housing

The single- and multi-turn rotary sensors of the RSB-3600 and the RMB-3600…

Information about COVID-19 situation

Information about COVID-19 situation

High Performance and very robust:

Rotary Sensors for Mobile Machinery

Linear and Rotary Position Sensors in Medical Technology

A Brochure Offering Practice-oriented



Robust Rotary Sensors with Hall-Technology for Mobile Machinery

Strong in harsh environments: Rotary sensors optimized for high demands in…

Non-contacting Sensors Helping to Bring in the Harvest

Small and Low-Cost - But Oh, So Efficient!

Now also with CAN SAE J1939 Interface

Magnetic Rotary Sensors for Mobile Automation

Are you looking for the right sensor?

No matter whether you are looking for a linear or a rotary sensor, whether non…

Position sensors on the path to Industry 4.0

Non-contacting sensors for dancer position recognition

IO-Link: Ready for the future

In order to facilitate the easy and cost-effective interlinking of sensors and…

Inductive Linear Position Sensor for Highly Dynamic Positioning Tasks

The new inductive linear position sensor TF1 is relying on the touchless Novopad…

Conductive Plastic Potentiometers in Crash Testing

Even as the trend in linear and rotational measuring technologies is headed…

Non-Contacting Position Sensing Technology for Automation

In the fields of industrial and mobile automation, position sensors need to meet…

IATF certification successfully completed

Novotechnik has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and ISO / TS 16949 since…

International Sales Meeting 2018

The annual International Sales Meeting took place this year in the most…

Non-contacting Sensors in the Packaging Industry

Magnetic principles are among the operating principles most frequently used for…

Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensor in Tunnel Construction Project

For Direct Installation in the Pressure Range of Hydraulic Cylinders

Durable Rotary Sensors in a Compact 36 mm Housing

Novotechnik presents the new single- and multi-turn rotary sensors of the…

Multiturn Sensors for Smart Service Robots

Now that Personal Computers (PCs) have become omnipresent, Personal Robots (PRs)…

Non-Contacting Sensor for Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Modern automation technology is relying on exact positional data for moving…

Tough Conditions in the Field

Magnetic Rotary Sensors Bringing in the Harvest

The demands placed on sensor…

Braving The Rough Sea

Non-Contacting Rotary Sensor Weathers Tough Conditions in Wave Power Plant


Writing History:

50th anniversary of two employees

Novotechnik supports "Formula Student"

Students build a single seat formula racecar with which they can compete against…

Novotechnik contributed to the financing of a new Smart car

The Diakoniestation Ostfildern received a new Smart-car for the nursing service.…

International Sales Meeting 2013

This year's International Sales Meeting took place in Esslingen (Germany) from…

Angle detection in extreme environments

Why are potentiometers so often one step ahead?

Novotechnik contributes to the global security in air transport

On 28th November 2012 the Federal Aviation Office Braunschweig (Germany) has…

Novotechnik supports students of the Heinrich-Heine High School, OstfildernGymnasiums, Ostfildern

Chinaisone of the world leadingtrading partners for Germany.Thisdevelopment

Novotechnik received Supplier Award 2011 from Jungheinrich

Novotechnikreceivedin June 2012the SupplierAward 2011from JungheinrichMoos…

Next Generation Membrane Potentiometers

Precise Measurements, Durable Design, and Longevity

NOVOFOIL - Next Generation Membrane Potentiometers

Precise Measurements, Durable Design, and Longevity

Contactless measurement principles in the fast lane

Inductive and magnetostrictive linear transducers of a new generation.

Robust industrial potentiometers now available for burners

Now certified for valve postioners of automatic furnace equipment.


Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F)

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F)

Since October 2011 Novotechnik is…

Durable position detection involving minimal mounting work

Magnetic rotary sensors detect dancing roller arm position

Trends in sensor technology for mobile applications

Contactless measuring principles and individual adjustments are in demand