Novotechnik Sensors feel right at home on the seven seas and countless rivers. In the highly advanced control systems on ferries, cruise- and container ships they measure and control rudder blade and rudder propeller system position and  ensure the correct feed rate of the controller.

Ship Propulsion System

Potentiometric rotary sensor, series IP-6500


Special ships, tugboats, cable laying ships, and ferries are equipped with rudder-propeller drivers in order to improve maneuverability.
These rudder-propeller drives rotate a full 360° so that  thrust can be applied in any direction. In a multi-drive system, a satellite navigation system and a computer can be used to achieve a synchronized and independent regulation, which can exactly position the ship even in heavy seas.

Rudder feedback on Autonomos Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

Linear transducer, potentiometric, series T-50

The linear transducer is located in a cylinder filled with oil. This is for pressure compensation and for having good environment for the sensor. The AUV operates down to a water depth of 3.000 meters.

The linear sensor is directly connected to the inertial navigation system of the AUV.