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What is functional safety?

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG of the European Parliament ensures a number of statutory regulations, including functional safety, for devices and systems. The aim is to minimize the risk of endangering people, the environment and capital goods through systematic error avoidance, error detection and, in particular, error control.

All devices and systems that in case of a fault can lead to death or injury of humans, catastrophic environmental damage or destruction of production systems are classified as "safety-relevant". The relevant safety standards must be applied accordingly during design, development, manufacture and operation.


What can you expect from Novotechnik?

We support our customers in the implementation of functional safety for their applications by selecting the appropriate products. Together we coordinate the functional interfaces between your application and our sensor and define and evaluate the safety requirements.
On this basis, we provide you with the safety characteristics of the sensor, such as MTTFd, DC, basic CCF evaluation.

Novotechnik offers:

• Our standard products are developed and produced in accordance with the fundamental and proven safety principles of DIN EN ISO 13849
• Novotechnik standard products require an evaluation (e.g. by means of a plausibility check using a cross-comparison) of the safety-related sensor data by a higher-level system (customer application).
• Our linear and rotary sensors are not safety components according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. A category 3 performance level d can be achieved with our one- or two-channel sensors.
• Novotechnik supplies the sensor's safety characteristics such as MTTFd, DC, basic CCF assessment and individual FMEDA for your own safety assessment
• In addition, we develop customer-specific sensors for linear and rotary measurement for your specific standard and safety requirements.


What our customers have to do:

You set the safety standard for your overall system and carry out a risk assessment. This is how to determine the required security level and the specific security requirements for the components - in our case for the linear and rotary sensor.


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