POP-Regulation 2019/1021 (Persistant Organic Pollutants)

The Regulation EU 2019/1021 implements the Stockholm Convention on the Elimination of Persistent Organic Pollutants into European law. Paragraph 7 of the preamble of this regulation refers to the prohibitions of POPs according to the EU regulations

- 1907/2006 (REACH)
- 1107/2009 (Plant Protection Ordinance)
- 528/2012 (biocide regulation)

and the ban of manufacturing of these substances.

As a manufacturer of Position Transducers and Rotary Sensors Novotechnik is, in the sense of REACH, a downstream user in the supply chain. We are aware of the obligations under REACH.

Die Verordnung EU 2019/1021 setzt das Stockholmer Übereinkommen, persistente organische Schadstoffe zu eliminieren, in europäisches Recht um. Absatz 7 der Präambel dieser Verordnung verweist auf die Verbote der POP´s gemäß den Verordnungen EU

- 1907/2006 (REACH)
- 1107/2009 (Pflanzenschutzverordnung)
- 528/2012 (Biozid-Verordnung)

und dem Verbot der Herstellung dieser Stoffe.

Als Hersteller von Weg- und Winkelsensoren ist Novotechnik im Sinne von REACH ein nachgeschalteter Anwender in der Lieferkette.

Den Verpflichtungen unter REACH sind wir uns bewusst.

In order to assure our customers the continual supply of products of reliable quality, we are, regarding the future availability of the materials, in close contact to our suppliers of chemical substances and prepared materials. The REACH-registration affects the materials used in our products, as well as, the raw materials and supplies, necessary for the manufacturing process.

Based on the communication along the delivery chain, we assume that all common substances are available on the market. We are tracking the updates of POP Regulation, especially the Annexes I to III. We perceive Appendix IV within the scope of the Circular Economy Law. In addition, we refer to our RoHS declaration.

Concluding we like to ensure you that we take all steps necessary to assure the continual supply of products of reliable quality.
For further questions please contact: compliance@novotechnik-nospam.de


Ostfildern, February 2021
Torsten Wegner CEO / CMO


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