Guideline Return deliveries (RMA - Return of Material Authorization)


Dear Business Partners,

so that we may process your returns in a speedy and efficient manner, we kindly ask you to observe the RMA process described below. The processing of devices which are returned without our RMA confirmation can be delayed.In some cases, processing it may not be possible at all.  


RMA process


In order to request an RMA number, please use the RMA form below. Please complete this form and the Decontamination Certificate entirely and truthfully. In order to determine the age of the device, we are asking you to be sure to complete the fields pertaining to the data found on the product label. By using the “Send” button, you are transmitting the form to us electronically via email. By doing so, you are confirming the truthfulness of the content. After successful validation, you will receive an RMA number which will be valid only for this shipment. Please state the RMA number in your shipping documents and include the shipping documents with your shipment. Please ship the product within 5 working days, freight and insurance paid, to: 

Novotechnik Messwertaufnehmer OHG
Department Service VS
Brunnwiesenstrasse 23
73760 Ostfildern (Germany)    


By requesting the RMA number you agree to the following conditions:

Returns of devices for credit require an explicit approval of Novotechnik. The devices must be unused and ideally also in their original packaging. A maximum of 90 % of the original sales price can be refund.

In case of complaints, please provide a brief description of the defect, and – where known – of the application. If your complaint is accepted, we will issue a credit note to you for the device.

For some of our products, we are able to offer repair services, up to a maximum age of 5 years. After we have diagnosed the issue, we will provide you with a cost estimate for which we charge a flat fee of € 40. If repair services are requested, the € 40 will be applied against the cost of the repairs. Where repairs are not possible or not requested for other reasons, we will charge € 40 for the cost estimate.

Where the repair of a defective device is no longer economically reasonable, the return of the defective device can be requested. Such request must be made within 2 weeks after receipt of the diagnosis, at the latest. The same is true for devices for which an unjustified complaint has been filed. After this timeframe, the devices will be scrapped free of charge.


In case of any questions, please contact our Service department (phone +49 711 4489-461,, or our Technical Sales department.    




Company data

*) mandatory field (In case of returns of old devices, it is sufficient to state the quantity)


Contact person
Reason for RMA number request:
Product information

*) mandatory field (In case of returns of old devices, it is sufficient to state the quantity)


For further return deliveries please request a new RMA number.


Decontamination Certificate

In order to comply with legal requirements and to ensure the protection of our employees and facilities, it is mandatory that you complete and sign this Decontamination Certificate, before we can process your request.

Please affix this document to the exterior of the package, in a location where it is easily readable and protected from moisture.


For the protection of the environment and our employees, we are asking you to list any dangerous substances with which the products have been in contact. For safety reasons, we cannot start processing your request in case of reasonable doubts.

Type of Contamination

The product(s) named above has (have) been decontaminated in accordance with safety regulations. The decontamination logs are included in the package. All statements made in this Decontamination Certificate are complete and truthful. I am aware that we are liable to Novotechnik for any damages, including third party damages, especially for damages arising from incomplete or false statements and caused to employees of Novotechnik who are handling/repairing the product.

With your submission of the “Request for Return Material Authorization (RMA)”, you are confirming that the returned materials are free of dangerous contaminations and accepting the RMA terms and conditions of Novotechnik!