CANopen Interface

CANopen is an internationally standardized bus protocol based on the seven-layer ISO/OSI reference model. It
was developed by the CIA (CAN-in-Automation user and manufacturer association) and has been standardized as the European standard EN 50325-4 since the end of 2002. CANopen uses layer 1 and 2 of the CAN standard originally developed for use in cars (ISO 11898-2) as a transmission technology.
The bus system enables each device to send messages (multimaster capability). Messages on the bus are received by each bus device (broadcast communication). Each bus device then decides whether or not these messages are processed based on its local intelligence.



A broad range of methods for setting the parameters of bus devices and for error detection and treatment equip the CANopen protocol with out-standing properties.

With reference to positions sensors, all relevant device data of the higher-level controller can easily be imported via electronic data sheets (eds files). Thanks to the availability of features like cam switches, limit value switches, speed data etc., a true measured value for connected components is provided here. CANopen is suitable for use as an interface in both dynamic applications and in complex control networks.