Due to the use in outdoor applications, such as in solar tracking systems and wind or hydroelectric power plants robust and durable sensors are typically required. Even with these special requirements, sensors from Novotechnik work reliably and accurately.

Pitch regulation in wind turbines

Linear transducer, non-contacting, series TLI and TMI

The microprocessor controlled pitch regulation ensures continuous and optimal adjustment of the angles of the blades in relation to the prevailing wind.
The pitch mechanism is fitted in the blade hub and contains a separate hydraulic pitch cylinder for each blade. These separate cylinders also ensure triple braking safety, because one feathered blade is sufficient to stop the turbine.

The adjustment procedure takes place every second. The position of the cylinder rod is being monitored by a linear non contacting absolute sensor which is integrated in the hydraulic cylinder.

Power tracker for solar modules

Non-contacting Rotary Sensors, Series RFC-4800

Solar power modules use tracking systems for perfect positioning toward the sun. Compared to fixed mounted modules there is a current efficiency increase of 30% to 40%. The control system continuously calculates the actual position of the sun using the GPS coordinates of the place, time and date. This way, even with overcast skies and the sun at a low angle, the modules can be positioned to an optimum angle. Novotechnik sensors measure the positioning of the solar power modules.


Heating / Burner



Potentiometrc Rotary Sensors, Series SP-2800

The multi-purpose rotary sensor series SP-2800 was certified by the TÜV Süd for the use in automated combustion controls. The sensor can be used for a precise and reliable position detection of actuators in electronic systems to safely control a flame.