When current flows through a Hall element, it supplies a voltage perpendicular to the current flow if a magnetic field acts vertically on both. As this voltage runs proportionally to the magnetic field strength, it is extremely simple to conduct a contact-free angular measurement by attaching a position magnet on a rotating shaft.

In the recent past this technology has made advances that make this sensor

ideal for exact angular measurement. By combining several sensor elements and integrating the entire signal processing system in a few components, complex systems are possible in an extremely small space.
The systems operate virtually insensitive to ageing and independently of field strength fluctuations of the sensor magnets.

Both contact-free, shaft-guided and

contact-free systems without a mechanical shaft connection enable measurement over up to a full 360° or even over several rotations.
High resolutions with excellent dynamics, broad mechanical tolerances and fast feasibility of special customer-specific solutions are additional convincing properties of this technology.