Export Certificates

Known Consignor to EC regulation No. 300/2008

On 28th November 2012 the Federal Aviation Office Braunschweig (Germany) awarded Novotechnik with the status of an "known consignor to EC regulation No. 300/2008". Thus Novotechnik is now officially considered a trustworthy and reliable partner in global air traffic. Cost- and time-intensive security checks can be avoided.

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Authorized Economic Operator AEO-F

As of October 2011 Novotechnik is officially certified as "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO - Authorized Economic Operator) of the European Union for "Customs Simplification/Security" (AEO-F).

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Export Control - Military Goods

Novotechnik produces sensors and sensor systems for linear and rotary measurement for applications in industrial and automotive industries and is no producer of armaments or war goods.

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Sanctions against Russia

We hereby will inform you that Novotechnik complies with all restrictive measures based on EU-Directive Nr. 833/2014 (Russia) and all the actual changes, resp. the EU-Directive 765/2006 (Belarus), as well as all previous sanctions and embargos of weapons and arms.

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