Fluid Technology

Our linear transducers TM1 series are suitable for position sensing immediately in the pressure chambers of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. They reliably acquire the positions and speeds of mobile machinery, even under adverse environmental conditions.

Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders in
• Agricultural and forestry machinery
• Construction machines
• Vehicles with loading and unloading devices
• Vehicles with extension arms

Touchless Linear Transducers TM1 with plug-in flange or screw flange

The absolute position transducers TM1 series can be used directly in cylinder and thus enables a compact and cost-effective position measurement. The sensor consists of a stainless steel flange welded to a pressure tight rod and can therefore be used in harsh environments.

The magnetostrictive measuring technology offers excellent accuracy for measuring lengths up to 2000 mm. The passive ring-shaped position marker allows a mechanically decoupled measurement.