Conductive Plastic Potentiometers Still on Track

Even as the demand for non-contacting processes in the field of linear and rotational measuring technology is increasing, potentiometer-based sensors are still unrivaled and likely to remain so, due to their useful characteristics and their favorable cost-benefit ratio:

In recent years, Novotechnik has produced more than 100 million conductive plastic potentiometers for the automotive industry alone. And in the future, these efficient sensors are also likely to not only remain irreplaceable but rather to find increasing application in that same industry and in similar fields. After all, achieving comparable measuring speeds, linearity values, resolutions, hysteresis values, and temperature ranges would otherwise entail significantly higher costs and efforts. What‘s more, the potentiometer output signals are available in real-time, without any contouring errors, and they are easy to process. At the same time, these robust sensors are shock and vibration proof, require only an extremely small amount of power, and show immunity towards EMI and magnetic fields. With high-quality designs, life expectancies of more than 100 million movements are quite common.

The linear positioner features an oscillating frontal friction bearing and a decoupled wiper for a stick-slip-free operation. Because of its high life expectancy, and due to the easy installation with universally mountable „snap-on“ tension clamps, the linear positioner is perfectly suited for the direct and precise measuring of paths in the control and measuring technologies. The LWH series is available with gauge lengths of 75 to 900 mm. At a resolution of 0.01 mm, these measuring systems are also highly precise. In the field of industrial sensors, the LWH series - of which Novotechnik has sold over 1 million units with all sorts of gauge lengths over the past 10 years - has certainly proven itself. For instance, these linear sensors are globally used in large numbers in die casting machines, in machine engineering and in automation technology.

Potentiometric Linear Transducer LWH Series