Temperature swings, vibration extremes, and humidity make high demands on precision, safety and reliability. Novotechnik sensors have proven abilities in motor and transmission management as well as in providing steering angle information in active suspension systems.

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Motor Management Accelerator Controller / Throttle Valve

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The computerized, electronic engine output control system achieves an optimal fuel consumption and supplies information for controlling the number of revolutions during idle, cruise control, and even an anti-break-away slide controller.
This modern system makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

The accelerator sensor transmits the position of the gas pedal to the controller and influences the air-to-fuel ratio by the position of the throttle valve.

Motormanagement steering angle / gear selection

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Today adaptive control systems contribute significantly to increasing driving safety in motor vehicles. These types of control systems improve the transversal dynamic behavior and assist the driver in critical steering maneuvers, for example when veering quickly or passing.

Gear selection

Rotary Sensors, contactless

Formula 1 racing cars are a challenging environment for parts and components. Sensors used for steering  position, gear position and engine control need a high ingression protection and need to hold up at high temperatures and vibration. The potentiometer series SP-2800 provides an ingression protection of IP68, the housing is made of a light and nevertheless robust technical polymer or aluminum alloy. With these features, the SP-2800 is well prepared to weather the harshest environments. The non-contacting multi turn sensor RSM-2800 is well suited to be used in applications requiring to measure more than 360 degrees, for example in steering angle measurement applications.