Railroad engineering

There are countless applications for Novotechnik sensors, including railway systems. The robust Novotechnik sensors are used in level control systems for doors, in speedometers and in sanitary systems.

Active transversal centering in the ICE 3

Linear transducer, non-contacting, series TLI and TMI

The non-contacting position transducers are mounted directly into the drive cylinder to ensure active transversal centering in the fast high-comfort trains being used by our customer since 1999.
The centrifugal forces arising in curves act on the superstructure as transversal acceleration, pushing it from its spring-centered center position. When the train has to travel through curves at high speed, the transversal acceleration leads to complete deflection, which results in unpleasant shocks that significantly affect the comfort. At high speeds even safety may be affected.

The active transversal centering holds the superstructure in the most favorable center position, making it possible to increase the travel speed and thereby shorten travel times while maintaining a constant standard of comfort.

Track processing machines

Potentiometric Linear Transducers, Series LWX

High vibration, humidity, dust and temperature changes in outdoor environments do not influence the function of the robust potentiometric sensor line LWX. They are used in railroad track maintenance equipment, measuring how far the railroad spikes have been driven pneumatically. The sensor shaft is mounted directly on the outside of the pneumatic hammer.

Track snow blower

Linear transducer, non-contacting, series TMI

The snow blower removes the snow from the rail tracks.

The position above the track and the lateral position of the two snow blowers is adjusted with hydraulic cylinders and controlled with integrated linear transducers.