Signal Conditioners MUP-110 / 160

for potentiometric sensors. Adjustable zero and span. Available with or without electrical isolation. Compact size.

Signal Conditioner MUP-410

for potentiometric sensors. Successor for MUP-400.
Simple teach-in function to adapt start and end point. Switchable current or voltage output.

Signal Conditioners MUP-080

for potentiometric sensors. Basic version with fixed output range, voltage or current output

Signal Conditioners MUP-100 / 150

for position sensors series AW360 and AWS360. Zero point and span adjustable, additional supply +/- 15 V for connected sensors.
Not recommended for new designs. For new designs please use series MUP-110 / 160.

Signal Conditioners MUW-200 / 250

for position transducers series LWH und TLH. Electronics integrated inside the connector housing. Zero point and span optionally adjustable or fixed.

Signal Conditioners MUK-350

for potentiometric sensors. Electronics inside robust housing even for outside use. Zero point and span adjustable.

Multifunction Displays MAP-4000

for potentiometric and other sensors with analog interface. Cost effective, various programming possibilities, (input dimension, scaling, limit values, zero point, tare etc.). Selectable analog and digital Interfaces.

Useable also as data logger due to internal data recording ability.