High Performance and very robust:

Rotary Sensors for Mobile Machinery

Mobile working machines such as tractors and construction machines have to perform out there. They have to work reliably under various environmental in-fluences such as dust and dirt, high mechanical loads and in a very wide temperature range.
This is a case for robust sensors, whose property profile includes not only the wide temperature range but also vibration and corrosion resistance and high electrical robustness. In addition to reliable function under harsh operating conditions, other properties are usually required, e.g. compact dimensions when the installation space is limited, redundancy in safety-related applications and last but not lease, the cost factor often plays an important role.

Especially for such requirements, Novotechnik developed the magnetic rotary sensor RFE-3200 series. The touchless sensor with external position marker is optimized for requirements in mobile use and tested according to the highest EMC standards such as ISO pulses and high interference fields in accordance with ISO 11452. The position values are provided as analog current or voltage output; CANopen or CAN J1939 fieldbus is also available. Dual-channel designs are suitable for safety-related applications according to DIN EN ISO 13849, PLd / Cat. 3.

A video shows the advantages, functionality and a wide range of possible applications.