Functional Safety

A primary goal of the new Ma­chine Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliaments is Functional Safety of devices and systems. This limits the risk to the health and safety of human beings, harm to the environment, and damage to property. This is achieved by systematic error avoidance, error detection, and especially error control.

Today we find Novotechnik’s innovative products in the safety-relevant systems of many industries:
- automation of production systems
- railway applica­tions
- mobile equipment such as forklifts, construction, and agricultural machines
- medical techno­logy
- automoti­ve applications

We are happy to assist you with in implemen­ting functional safety for your applications - either by selec­ting suitable products, or in the case of customer-specific sensors, by defining the system architecture.

To comply with applicable norms and standards, as well as the requirements of the market and our customers, Novotechnik used our existing quality management system (ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949) to implement a management system for functional safety.