Electronic pedal Sensor

Application: Motor management

Electronic pedal sensor modules comprise an accelerator pedal, angle sensor and mechanics for simulating the traditional feeling of the accelerator pedal for the driver. When the accelerator pedal is presseddown, the pedal sensor transmits the information to the control electronics. Based on this information, the position of the throttle valve is calculated.



Throttling device E-Gas, Throttling device for idle speed control

Application: E-gas, idle speed control

The information detected from the pedal sensor are transmitted to the electric motor-driven throttle valve positionier via control and correction electronics. The current throttle valve position is measured by an integrated or adapted angle sensor. The idle controller regulates independent of the load the idling speed or the engine through the throttle position. This leads to an optimised fuel consumption.



Angle sensor SP-1600

A very cost effective and compact potentiometric angle sensor with integrated power and reset spring.

Rotary Sensor SP-4000

Cost-effective and compact potentiometric rotary sensor with integrated plug and return spring


Rotary Sensor SP-5000

Very cost-effective potentiometric rotary sensor with integrated plug

Rotary Sensor RSC-3100

Compact, non-contacting NOVOHALL rotary sensor with analog or PWM output signal for use in harsh environments, such as can be found in engine and transmission near automotive applications.

Rotary Sensor RSC-3200

Compact, non-contacting NOVOHALL rotary sensor in redundant version for automotive applications areas such as carburetor, throttle, EGR valves, transmission gear or accelerator

Rotary Sensor RSC-6600

Non-contacting, cost-effective NOVOHALL rotary sensor with integrated connector for automotive applications.

Absolute position transducer for steering cylinders

Application: Position detection on hydraulic steering cylinders

Robust customized sensor, NOVOPAD non-contacting inductive measuring principle.
- magnetic field resistant
- redundant for safety category 3 / PLd
- non-contacting position detection - protection class up to IP 69K