"Life-span test linear transducers"
"Life-span test and climatic test"
"Vibration test and shock test"

No effort is too high in ensuring the quality of our products.


To guarantee that all products meet the general quality standards and the requirements of our customers, all components have to pass through strict testing procedures.


Our products are subjected to various environmental tests during product development, for production release purposes, and for any accompanying production. They have to work perfectly. Novotechnik has a very well equipped test field with various testing machines to meet these demanding commitments.


We can provide:

Climatic stress test due to temperature, humidity and temperature shock tests,

mechanical stress tests, vibration, shock, and life tests.

All tests in the context of approvals are carried out in accordance with current, applicable standards. Non-standard tests are defined on the basis of our extensive experience in sensor development using our own testing procedures.


As part of the certification of our company according to IATF 16949 our environment simulation laboratory is committed to strict compliance with all relevant standards.


For special investigations we use only certified external laboratories.