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In the fields of industrial and mobile automation, position sensors need to meet a large number of demands. Sought-after...


Magnetic principles are among the operating principles most frequently used for non-contacting rotary sensing. They provide...


For Direct Installation in the Pressure Range of Hydraulic Cylinders[more]

Now that Personal Computers (PCs) have become omnipresent, Personal Robots (PRs) could soon be making their way into our working...


Presse - 19.03.2015

Asia Sales Meeting 2015

Novotechnik had invited their Asian representatives to join our Asian Sales Meeting held on March 12 and March 13, 2015 in ...


Modern automation technology is relying on exact positional data for moving machinery parts.  The measurement values are provided...


Presse - 18.09.2014

Tough Conditions in the Field

Magnetic Rotary Sensors Bringing in the Harvest The demands placed on sensor technology are ever increasing - not only for...


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