Durable Rotary Sensors in a Compact 36 mm Housing

Novotechnik presents the new single- and multi-turn rotary sensors of the RSB-3600 and the RMB-3600 series. These sensors are highly durable builds contained in a full metal housing of only 36.5 mm, featuring long-lasting ball bearings.  Due to the availability of models featuring solid or hollow shafts as well as a heavy-duty IP69k version, the new rotary sensors are suitable for the most diverse industrial applications, such as sheet metal processing and packaging machines, as well as production lines in the field of automation technology.  


The measurements are provided as analog current or voltage data, in digital form via an incremental interface, or via a fast SSI interface. A CANopen interface will be available in the near future.  Furthermore, single- and multi-channel, i.e.  completely redundant versions are available.  These are suitable for all high-speed applications of up to 12,000 rpm, and their favorable cost-benefit ratio makes them quite attractive.


The rotary sensors utilitze the proven Novohall process.  In single-turn applications, measurements are taken across the full 360°, at a resolution of up to 14 bits.  The multiturn sensor can capture up to 16 revolutions (and will be able to capture up to 40 revolutions in the future).  It is relying on a patented process based on the principle of Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR-Effekt), and it is capable of gearlessly counting and storing revolutions during idle intervals and in the absence of batteries.  It delivers absolute positional data, and as a “True-power-on“ system, it provides the measured value immediately upon startup.