DyMoS Interface

Like the SSI interface, the DyMoS interface is based on the RS422 standard. With various additions, it combinesthe simplicity of synchronous serial transmission with the data transmission and diagnostic functions of bus interfaces.Here the data format is 48-bit, which is divided up as follows: the first three bits are system data,

followed by 40 data bits and 5 CRC bits. The 40 data bits can be formatted both as position and speed (for a position transducer) and as two position data(with 2 position transducers) with a resolution of 20 bits each. The system data can be used to monitor the state of the measuring sensor and the CRC bits for monitoring transmission. In addition

to the position data, information on the sensor (model and serial number) is output via the DyMoS interface following "Power On" so that the measuring sensor can be clearly assigned in the application.As with the SSI interface, the maximum transfer rate is 16 kHz.