Medical Engineering

When exact data and durability are required, Novotechnik sensors are on call. Whether 3D simulation of moving processes, respiration or x-ray machines, or kidney stone fragmentation apparatus, the applications are as diverse as people themselves.

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Medical engineering


Medical Engineering - Radiation Devices


Potentiometric Rotary Sensors, Series P4500

This cancer treatment machine generates a localized beam for radiation treatments. Inside there is a rotating carousel which can hold up to 10 different scattering foils or flattening filters, depending on the type of treatment a person needs. The Novotechnik potentiometer is used in the positioning of this carousel to ensure that the filters and foils are aligned properly with the radiation distributor.

Medical engineering - Dialysis

Position Transducer, potentiometrc, series T50

In the course of transperitoneal dialysis, metabolic waste products are removed from the blood through the peritoneum. The peritoneum is a membrane that covers inner organs in the abdominal cavity. By means of a catheter, inserted surgically, a sterile dialysis solution is introduced into the abdominal cavity and removed several times a day. The peri- toneum serves as a dialysis membrane.
Most transperitoneal dialysis treatments are carried out by the patients them- selves at home or at their place of work.

Two potentiometric linear sensors T50 are used for controlling and monitoring the dosing pump.