Processes are regulated, controlled, automated and adjusted by Novotechnik sensors. Particularly in the field of moulding injection machinery in metal-, wood-, paper- textile processing  and in the packaging machinery Novotechnik sensors fulfill reliable the industry-specific requirements.
Whether a dancer application or in stroke adjustment regulations with analog or digital output signals high precision sensors from Novotechnik can be used successfully.

Injection Molding Machines

Position Transducers, potentiometric, series LWH and TLH.

Non-conatcating linear Transducers, Series TP1

In injection molding machines, all values relevant to the process of manufacturing thermoplastic and duroplastic items are measured and stored. The positions of various mechanical parts are measured, as well as pressure and temperature. The goal is to achieve a consistently high quality of molded items and a short preparation time during tool changes.

Production in shifts, shorter cycle times and low tolerances of the molded items require a high reliability and precision of the position measurement system.


Metal working machines


Non-contacting Rotary Sensors, Series RSC2800 and RSM2800

The precise rotary and linear position sensors from Novotechnik are used in dancer arm applications for wire winding machines, for mechanical travel adjustments on presses and bending machines as well as on various other applications in the metal processing industry.

Foil packaging maschines

Potentiometric Sensors, series SP-2841
Non-contacting Sensors, series RSC-2800

In order to maintain the speed to draw off a foil consistantly, a dancer arm, which is mounted in the pivot point, is used.
The Sensor Potentiometer series SP2841 in a custom design including an anti-deformation socket, cable and M12 cable box is used. The sensor signal affects the frequency converter in a way that the draw-off speed of the foil remains constant.

Dancer in textile machines

Touchless Rotary Sensor, Series RFC-4800

Rotary position sensors in closed control loops detect reliably and wear-free the position of dancer arms in industrial textile production. In fabric printing, sensors from Novotechnik control the positioning of the printed image.